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The 180 Lifestyle Program and Shaklee's 180 Turnaround Plan- A 90 Day Program to Help You Lose Weight and Keep It Off Permanently

Includes These Important Things:

-A 12 week nutrition plan that has been scientifically proven to help you lose weight

and keep your muscle mass so you keep the weight off once you've lost it!

-All the support your need including mentoring and weekly lifestyle coaching classes in person 

or on the phone

-Weekly mind makeover and nutrition videos to help you prioritize your health goals and

change the way you think about food, dieting, and exercise

Weekly Lifestyle Coaching Classes At Our Studio:

Wednesdays at 6pm-6:30pm; coaching class in person at our studio.

Thursdays at 12:30pm-1pm; coaching class in person at our studio.

Weekly Coaching Classes By Phone:

Thursdays at 8:30pm-9pm; coaching class by phone (conference call number will be provided to you when you register for your 180 Lifestyle Program)

Schedule for 180 Lifestyle Program and Free Group Coaching Classes:

  • Orientation Week is May 1st
  • Detox/Cleanse Week is May 8th
  • Week 1 Lifestyle Program and Coaching Classes  is May 15th
  • Weeks 2-12 are from May 22 - July 30



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