Is your New Year’s resolution this year to be slimmer, fitter, and healthier in 2017?  Wait....wasn’t that your New Year’s resolution last year, and the year before, and…?  Each year starts off great. You lose some weight. You start working out. You make better food choices. Yet somewhere along the way you lose focus and end the year just like every other year – overweight, out of shape and unhealthy.
What happened?  You had great goals. You had a plan. It wasn’t enough. That’s because diets never work. Short term goals always fail. You need true lifestyle change to make your New Year’s resolutions permanent – and that is hard. You don’t need another diet. You need a lifestyle change program that works. You also need a guide and a mentor to help you achieve permanent lifestyle change.


The 180 Lifestyle Program is a program for persons who need to lose at least 12-15 pounds

and it includes Jean's guidance and mentorship.  It is a program that can turn your life around 180

degrees and teach you healthy eating patterns that help you achieve a healthy weight and a leaner

body with 12 short weekly Nutrition and Lifestyle Makeover videos. You will learn the mental habits

needed to make your new, healthier lifestyle automatic – what you do naturally without even thinking

about it.  More importantly, when you begin your 180 weight loss plan and with the purchase of

either the 180 Turnaround Kit, the 180 Starter Kit or a customized 180 Kit that Jean suggests for you, 

you will be eligible to join weekly 180 Lifestyle Coaching Classes.

For more information about the 180 Lifestyle program, visit and listen to one of the orientation

video conferences to learn more. 


  • Helps you build lean muscle mass while losing 1-2 pounds of body fat per week and create a toned physique
  • Helps you feel better and create a healthier lifestyle
  • Reinforces good eating habits 
  • Receive accountability and support
  • Reduces blood pressure and risk of disease
  • 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied after 30 days 
  • Receive 2 before and after assessments with Jean.
  • Your first assessment will be scheduled before your first coaching class or before week 1, and includes a nutritional evaluation and measurements.
  • Your second assessment will be scheduled at the end of 90 days/12 weeks and includes another nutritional evaluation and measurements.  

180 Lifestyle Program Coaching Classes Start March 9th!

1st Lifestyle Coaching Class begins Thursday, March 9th 8:30pm-9pm by live phone conference with Jean.

Makeup classes can usually be offered on Saturdays after 1pm. 

Jean will give you a free conference number for your weekly coaching classes as soon as you purchase your 180 kit.

Be sure to order your 180 Kit at least 7-10 days before classes begin!

For questions and ordering information, call Jean at 727-698-8800 or email

Cost for 180 Kits:

$269 for 180 Turnaround Kit:  this is kit Jean suggests for everyone who is new to the 180 Lifestyle Program. It includes a 4 week supply of a variety of the 180 nutrition products so you get to try out all the 180 products and reap the health benefits of the 180 weight loss plan.  In addition to shakes and meal bars it also includes 180 snack bars and the 180 energizing tea which is a great fat burner that give you energy.  (includes 2 meals per day). 

Click below to check out this kit and place your order:

$150 for 180 Starter Kit:  a 2 week supply of the 180 Nutrition Plan which includes (includes 2 meals per day)

Pricing for this 2 week kit will be offered until February 28th!

Click below to check out this kit and place your order:

$150 or more for your customized 180 Kit suggested by Jean: 

If you have been using the 180 shakes, 180 meal bars and 180 snacks and 180 energizing tea for a while now, and you're ready to start losing weight and keep it off for good, then call Jean for more information and she will help you customize your own 180 Kit for $150 or more.

Healthy Cleanse- optional but suggested

This cleanse helps you jumpstart your weight loss and promotes digestive health.  It is a good idea to do a healthy cleanse anytime you start a new healthy weight loss plan.

Click below to check out this cleanse  and place your order:



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