I have been taking Pilates with Jean and Essentrics classes for the past two years at Jean Marie Fitness Studio and what a difference it has made in my ability to move and my posture.  I can bend, turn my neck, rollout of bed, jump up  and crouch down to pick something up off the floor without any discomfort or pain.  I used to have plantar fasciitis in my right foot and had to tape it before exercise, now I no longer tape my foot or feel any pain when walking thanks to the foot and toe stretches Jean includes in her classes. I am lucky to have Jean as my instructor because she keeps the routines fresh and challenging.  FYI... I am 59 years old.
M.S., Palm Harbor

I've been taking Pilates and Essentrics Classes with Jean for over 2 years now and had several physical issues when I first started: osteo-arthritis in both hips and recovering from a bulging disc in my lower back.  My range of motion in my hips has greatly increased and I find I'm not so stiff when I get up after sitting.  I am more physically active now than when I turned 50.  Jean has taught me how to use my abs and legs when lifting heavy objects so my back is safe.
A.S., Palm Harbor

I live in Tennessee, and I come to Palm Harbor for six months during the winter.  I was used to taking Pilates mat classes at home, so when I started taking Pilates classes with Jean, she made me realize how many muscle imbalances I had and how inflexible I was.  Jean taught me how to modify my exercises for my tight areas, and do Pilates with good form. She suggested I try Essentrics to help improve my flexibility.  As I continued to do Pilates and Essentrics classes with Jean I have changed the shape in my body after a few months!  I actually have a real waist line now!   I feel stronger than I have ever been and I feel taller each day when I leave my classes.  When  started taking Jean's classes, I had Morton's Neuroma in my right foot.  Jean taught me how to strengthen my foot muscles and it has improved so much that for the most part I am not in pain any more. I’m going to miss Jean’s classes when I move back to Tennessee!

J.S., Palm Harbor

I love taking Pilates and Essentrics with Jean. Training with someone who is as passionate and knowledgeable as Jean makes all the difference.  Since taking classes with Jean my posture has improved and I am much more limber.  I have a lot of issues with my feet and constant lower back pain, both of which have tremendously improved.  It's wonderful to know I have a place to go to take classes that are and that will keep me in shape until I'm 80.  With Jean's instruction and knowledge I look forward to constantly improving.  She knows exactly what every individual student needs to do their best.                                

L.S., Palm Harbor

Before I started taking Pilates with Jean, I took every single exercise class at the gym, that you can imagine over the last twenty years.  I was turning 60, so I thought I'd try Pilates to help my stiff back and neck. I started taking private Pilates Reformer sessions with Jean twice weekly, all the stretching, toning and strengthening with the Pilates machines really helped stretch my back and elongate my muscles and spine.  I enjoy the way my body feels after Pilates and I no longer have pain in my back, and I've been taking Pilates now for over 4 years.

T.C., Palm Harbor 

Even after 15 years of Yoga, I find the dynamic stretching and strengthening of all body parts done in Essentrics at Jean Marie Fitness studio quite beneficial. After a few months of 2 classes a week with Jean, my legs are noticeably stronger both in class and in everyday activities. The most notable improvement to me has been in my posture, as I have been a lifelong sloucher.  Now even outside class away from Jean's watchful eye I am instinctively standing and sitter taller. My most stubborn area of stiffness has been in the ribs and mid-back area, but even that has been gradually improving. Getting the exact form and movement down with all the Essentrics exercises is very important toward getting the best results possible.  I am very pleased to have Jean in my Fitness Universe; she readily points out all the details needed in these exercises to get the best results. 
R.H., Clearwater



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