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I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my lumbar spine which caused a tremendous amount of pain every single day; it caused a lateral shift in my spine creating a functional scoliosis and made me hunch over.  My back pain prevented me from completing regular daily chores and I was not able to pick up my 1 year old daughter. Before taking Pilates I couldn't drive my car for more than a few minutes, without having horrible back pain.  Now I can drive 30 minutes to my Pilates sessions and 30 minutes back home again, and have hardly any back pain at all.  Before I started Pilates with Jean, I met with a chiropractor, five spine specialists, a physical therapist and a massage therapist.  The chiropractor made me feel worse, the massage therapist was helpful but not for long term, the physical therapy didn’t get me results and the back surgeons suggested an epidural steroid injection.  After getting an epidural steroid injection I was convinced that I needed back surgery and I was desperate to get my life back.  Prior to scheduling my spine surgery, a close friend of mine who was taking Pilates for back pain with Jean, convinced me to call her and give Pilates a try.  Honestly, I didn’t think that Pilates would make that much of a difference, since I tried everything else.  I  have been taking Pilates sessions now twice weekly, and I am pretty much pain free. When I started Pilates with Jean, I had pain everyday!  Taking Pilates with Jean has been the best investment I have ever made.  Jean is very knowledgeable and taught me that my weak and unbalanced muscles were the result of my pain and she was very good at evaluating my strengths and weaknesses. In addition to my Pilates sessions with Jean, she gives me daily homework that includes stretching, foam rolling, and core strengthening exercises.  I do my homework on the days that I am not taking Pilates at Jean's studio.   In my initial 3 weeks of taking Pilates, and around six Pilates sessions, I started to feel a difference and noticed I felt much more confident in my movements.  After fourteen sessions, I didn’t hurt every single day,  Now I have completed twenty Pilates sessions and I go many days without pain and the pain I have is NOTHING like it used to be.  I no longer have a curved spine or walk hunched over from pain.  My posture is better now than it was even before my back injury.   I would recommend taking Pilates with Jean if you have back pain and want to avoid surgery.  Jean really cares about her clients and she has taught me the value of continuing my Pilates exercises long term. It is her goal to help all her clients get healthy, be pain free, and be able to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  

J.M. Trinity

Now after a few months of Essentrics classes I can tell how much stronger my legs have become. At first my legs felt very weak, and now I feel so much stronger during my classes and everyday activities.  I am very pleased to have Jean in my Fitness Universe; she readily points out all the details needed to get the best results with my Essentrics classes!
R. H., Clearwater

I have been taking Essentrics classes for the past two years at Jean Marie Fitness Studio and what a difference it has made in my ability to move and my posture.  I can bend, turn my neck, roll out of bed, jump up onto my truck's tailgate and crouch down to pick something up off the floor without any discomfort or pain. As Jean says, all of our joints get well lubricated and all our muscles are stretched to meet the day's challenges.  I used to have plantar fasciitis in my right foot and I had to tape it before each class.  I no longer tape my foot or feel any pain when walking thanks to the foot and toe stretches Jean includes in her classes. I recently traveled to PA to visit my sister she told me that I look toned and taller.... yippee!  Taking Essentrics is the best gift one can give herself!  I am very lucky to have Jean as my instructor because she keeps the routines fresh and challenging.  FYI... I am 59 years old. A happy devotee of Essentrics.
M.S., Palm Harbor

I've been taking Pilates and Essentrics with Jean for over 2 years now and I am in my late 50's.  I had several physical issues when I first started: osteo-arthritis in both hips and recovering from a bulging disc in my lower back.  My range of motion in my hips has greatly increased and I find I'm not so stiff when I get up after sitting. I am able to be more physically active now in my late 50's than I was in my 40's all because of taking classes two to three times per week with Jean . Bye-bye back problems - Jean has taught me how to use my core and my glutes when bending or lifting.  I feel great!  Thank you, Jean!!
A.S., Palm Harbor

When I began taking  Jean’s Essentrics classes I had a lot of leg and knee pain and wasn't sure if I could do the entire class.  In taking the classes I realized how tight my body actually was.  With the relaxed and dynamic movement, I've loosened up and have less pain just after 6 classes.  I now look forward to moving my body and know how important it is to be active.

B.B., Largo

I love my Pilates and Essentrics with Jean. Training with someone who is as passionate and knowledgeable as Jean makes all the difference.  Since taking classes with Jean my posture has improved and I am much more limber.  I have a lot of issues with my feet and constant lower back pain, both of which have tremendously improved.  It's wonderful to have found a complete work out I can do until I'm 80.  With Jean's instruction and knowledge I look forward to constantly improving.  She knows exactly what every individual student needs to do their best.                            

L.S., Palm Harbor

I have been taking private Pilates and personal training sessions with Jean twice weekly for almost 3 years.  I also have been taking Jean’s Essentrics classes for about 2 years now.  When I first started working out with Jean, my back was stiff. After I started taking Jean’s classes, my flexibility improved and my Pilates workouts became easier. Jean has helped me become more aware of my body mechanics.  The stretching in Pilates and Essentrics really help elongate my muscles and improve the health of my back. I no longer have any discomfort in my lower back.  

 T.C., Palm Harbor 

My Essentrics classes make me feel euphoric!  I cannot explain it but it releases something in my body that gives me a renewed energy.  I believe it stretches me to the core relieving me of my tension and tightness.  
V.M. Tarpon Springs 

I think Essentrics is wonderful and I'm amazed at how great this workout has made me feel.  This workout has helped me regain my health and I feel stronger than ever.  I am 60 years old and I have never exercised before.  I was looking for a class that I could do to help me get in shape and feel better, but I didn't want to injure my neck.  I  have a bulging disc in my neck and had neck fusion surgery in 1998.  After I took my first class, I immediately felt so much better.  After I took my second class I was hooked on this workout.  My hip pain I've had for years felt better in a few classes.  I take two classes every week and I look forward to meeting with Jean.  She's a great instructor and pushes me when I need it and helps me get a safe workout.  I'm so happy that my posture has improved, my balance is better, my abs have firmed up and my legs are so much stronger.   I plan on taking Essentrics for a long time and recommend Jean's classes to everyone.

-M.N., Palm Harbor  

I started doing the Essentrics program about 10 years ago on my own.  When I searched their website, I noticed there was a certified Essentrics instructor in Palm Harbor.  I thought about how wonderful it would be to actually attend a live class, so I tried my first class at Jean Marie Fitness in November and I have been taking 3 classes per week ever since.  This class has been a perfect complement to my other fitness activities including running and tap dancing.  I am grateful to have found Jean Marie Fitness.  Jean is an amazing and dedicated woman to the health and well being of each and every person in her class. She is very attentive to detail, and makes sure everyone in her classes get the most benefit from their workout and she makes sure we are using good form. I particularly enjoy her good sense of humor and her genuine interest in all of us. I am 73 years old and I very much enjoy good physical strength and flexibility.  Jean's classes have helped me to maintain strength, flexibility and balance. 
-L.E. Dunedin

The best thing about my Pilates sessions with Jean is that I know I'm in good hands during my workouts. I had neck surgery and have always been afraid to do exercises on my own at the gym. She customizes my sessions and works around my injuries. Jean always makes sure that I'm only doing what I can to strengthen my body without any further damage to my neck. Jean is very knowledgeable with health and nutrition and even took me grocery shopping at the health food store.

-R.K., Palm Harbor

I have been taking Pilates and Classical Stretch for over a year.  My body as well as my whole attitude toward fitness has changed, and now I actually look forward to working out.  I have learned that fitness can be enjoyable and doesn't have to be painful to get results! I can fit into my old clothes that I haven't worn in a while. My energy levels have soared.  Jean is such a knowledgeable instructor, and especially knowledgeable in nutrition.  She makes sure I have good form and she goes above and beyond her efforts to help me do my best in every class.

- A.C., Palm Harbor

A friend of mine talked me into going to Jean's Classical Stretch classes last October. I was hesitant to go because I have fibromyalgia and a neck injury and other exercise classes I tried in the past were painful for my body.  I knew I needed to find an exercise class that could help me with my symptoms and my pain, so I decided to try a class.  l felt terrific immediately after my very first class. I began taking 2 to 3 classes per week, and within a few weeks, I lost weight and started feeling better again. What a world of difference Classical Stretch has made for my body. The stretching and toning is an all over workout without any impact or stress on my knees or back. The classes have big benefits that have toned up my entire body.  I feel like I walk taller, stand straighter and I even think clearer. Taking Classical Stretch has even lifted my "fibro fog". Jean is a very educated instructor and is especially motivating when it comes to nutrition and eating a healthy diet. I recommend Jean's classes to anyone who has Fibromyalgia and wants to feel better and get in shape. 

- J.S., Oldsmar.

I have been taking Pilates with Jean for over a year, and I feel my body is in the best condition now than it ever has been in the past 40 years. I was working out with a personal trainer at a local gym for 5 years before taking Pilates with Jean.  I found my workouts at the other gym were hard on my joints and I eventually developed a degenerative knee and could not continue using the exercise machines at the gym.  My Pilates sessions are very easy on my joints. Since working out with Jean, I have lost 15 pounds and improved my core strength and stamina. I feel great and look the best I have ever looked in many years.  Jean is a great trainer and helps to maximize my workouts while taking into consideration my physical limitations. I'm looking forward to continued improvements over the months and years to come. 
P.T, Palm Harbor