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New Client Pilates Starter Package:

Private Pilates and Personal Training Sessions and Packages:  
55 minute sessions are one-on-one and catered to your specific postural needs and goals. It will be required for each client to complete a specified amount of private sessions before he/she will be able to enter into partner or semi-private sessions.

  • $65: 1 session
  • Package of 10 sessions: $550
  • Package of 20 sessions for $1000
  • All packages will expire 3 months after your start date.  

Express Pilates & Essentrics Sessions: If you are joining Pilates group classes or Essentrics classes, you may feel more comfortable beginning with a 30 minute private sessions first prior to joining classes.
30 minute sessions are one on one, where you can experience Pilates Mat, Refomer or Essentrics-Classical Stretch.

  • $40: 1 session
  • Package of 5 Sessions for $175
  • Package expires 3 months after purchase. 

Semi Private Sessions:
 55 minute sessions are scheduled for a minimum of 2  to 3 friends or family members. Sessions are catered to the group's specific goals and can include reformer, tower, TRX or other small equipment.

  • $40 per person: 1 session
  • Package of 10 sessions: $375 per person
  • Package has a 3 month expiration

Group Classes:  Essentrics and Pilates Mat classes

You must arrive 15 minutes prior to your first class to fill out paperwork.  Call Jean at 727-698-8800 to reserve a spot in your first class.

Classes are limited to 10 persons maximum. Call in advance to secure your spot!

Drop In: $15; $120 for 10 pack; $200 for 20 pack; $100 for 1 month unlimited

Packages have a 3 month expiration from start date.​

New Class Series Start in March and April.

Intro to Senior Classical Stretch-Essentrics-Forever Painless starts March 7th.

This 5 week series costs $40 for Tuesday classes. Seniors 62 and up get 10% off.

Pilates for Bone Building & Osteoporosis from March 7th, 2017 to April 11th

This 5 week series costs $40 for Thursday  classes

Classes will introduce you to principles of proper breathing; postural alignment and self-correction techniques; joint alignment for preparation of weight-bearing and strength training exercises; spinal alignment for fracture prevention; spinal bone building exercises; and core control of the deep abdominals and trunk. All of these principles will help you to be able to exercise safely and without pain to affected joints so that you can begin to add weight and resistance for bone building exercises. 

Pilates Mat Classes on Tuesdays at 5:05pm-5:55pm and Fridays at 10:35am-11:25am

Classes are limited to 5 persons maximum.  Call in advance to secure your spot!

Drop In: $15; $120 for 10 pack

Packages have a 3 month expiration from start date.

3 Month 180 Lifestyle Program For Weight Loss and Lifestyle Coaching Classes:

Cost of 180 Nutrition Plan: $269 for 180 Turnaround Kit, or $150 for 180 Starter Kit