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 Our small group Pilates mat classes hold 6 persons maximum and offer a safe alternative to large Pilates classes.  

"Pilates improves flexibility and strength, develops the body uniformly and invigorates the mind."    Joseph Pilates

"After 10 sessions you will feel better, after 20 sessions you will look better, and after 30 sessions you will have a new body."  .................Joseph Pilates  

About Pilates

Pilates is a highly effective body workout that strengthens and stretches entire muscle groups simultaneously to create a strong, well-balanced and flexible body.  All movements emanate from the middle of the body, or the "powerhouse" and are being supported by it.

Pilates offers a varied and stimulating training program, consisting of over 500 exercises, some of which are performed either with or without equipment.  The exercises can be tailored to any fitness level and are therefore also suitable for rehabilitation.

A regular Pilates workout ...

improves balance and coordination

improves stamina

strengthens musculature

rebalances the body

improves posture
reduces stress
relieves chronic back and joint pain
creates a slender waist and physique
improves metabolism

improves blood flow to muscles

tightens collagen and muscles

decreases flab

improves all sports and agility

supports the postpartum regression
increases self-confidence
improves oxygen uptake

stimulates blood circulation
helps to prevent osteoporosis

Jean offers Pilates Reformer Sessions and Pilates Mat Classes.

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Share your Pilates sessions with a friend or family member, or ask  us to match you up with another client.    If you are new to Pilates, we suggest you take at least 10 to 30 sessions first before working out with a partner.  


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