Get Fit & Be Healthy With Jean

Jean Marie Deferrari is an exceptional personal trainer and fitness expert.  Jean refers to herself as a a Lifestyle Makeover Coach because she coaches and empowers clients on how to create a fit body and lifestyle that supports a healthy weight and healthy living, in conjunction with utilizing highly effective, and safe fitness training programs which promote fast body transformations.   Jean's fitness programs will help you look & feel younger, improve your posture and lose weight. 

Jean is passionate about offering fitness programs which utilize a holistic, total body approach to exercise, focusing on the body as a complete system, so each system, nervous, muscular, and skeletal all function as a single unit as the body was designed to do. This is a more balanced approach, which the body optimally responds to. 

Jean provides  empowering, customized fitness training services to help individuals of all ages and all walks of life achieve their desired fitness goals, transform their bodies and create healthier lives.


                                 1682 Alternate 19,  Palm Harbor, FL  34683   (727) 698-8800

"Many people come to my studio looking for an exercise program they can do to without pain. To that goal I am truly dedicated."   Jean Marie Deferrari

Jean's Services and Fitness Programs Include:

  • Personal Training                                     
  • Weight Loss Programs                             
  • Body Fat Testing
  • Postural Assessments
  • Flexibility Testing
  • Fitness for Golf
  • Sport Specific Fitness                                            
  • Pilates Reformer                                      
  • Pilates Mat                                                
  • TRX Suspension Training                         
  • Classical Stretch
  • Essentrics
  • Anti Aging Fitness
  • Anti Aging Nutrition
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Nutrition Prevention

Call Jean today at 727-698-8800 for a courtesy consultation and assessment and find out you can get fit and be healthy with Jean!