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 Enjoy the Anti Aging Benefits Of Pilates, Essentrics & Healthy Nutrition at Jean Marie Fitness!



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Let Jean Show You How To Improve Your Posture, Gain Strength And Flexibility & Lose Weight So You Can Meet The Demands And Challenges In Your Life. 

 Jean Marie Fitness is dedicated to helping people of all ages and walks of life, improve their physical fitness, slow down and reverse the signs of aging and improve their body composition with Pilates, Essentrics and scientifically researched, Healthy Nutrition programs.

Signs of aging can show up as early as our late 20's and 30's.  With Pilates, Essentrics and the right nutrition you will quickly reverse the aging process.   

Imagine enjoying and spending long walks sightseeing on vacation, spending long hours in your garden, playing with your kids or grand kids, or playing golf without pain! 

Call 727-698-8800 today for a complimentary, consultation to find out if our Pilates, Essentrics and Healthy Nutrition is for you.