Jean Marie Fitness & Wellness Retreat - January 12-14, 2018

Featuring Essentrics® Classes,  Fitness for Golf,  Sports Nutrition & Anti Aging Wellness  & Weight Loss Lectures   

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Offered by Jean Marie Fitness, this retreat is for adults of all fitness levels. Rejuvenate and renew your body, mind and spirit.  

January is the perfect time for a Florida weekend getaway for warm weather enthusiasts.  This fitness retreat is for active individuals and sedentary beginners who are interested in moving well, and healthy living.  This weekend retreat is great for persons who play golf, tennis, work out with weights or do Pilates and/or Yoga.  Learn great exercises to improve your mobility, flexibility and prevent common sports injuries and reduce back pain.  Learn how to improve your mobility, flexibility and reduce pain.   Plus, if you're a golfer, Jean will teach you a pre-golf, dynamic stretch that you can take home and apply right away before your next round of golf.  

 SCHEDULE- Subject to change.


4pm-5pm              Essentrics® Class- Dynamic Stretching & Strengthening 

5pm-6pm              Lecture- Science of Dyamic vs. Static Stretching/ Science of Nutrition for Performance, Recovery and Repair

8pm-9pm              Self-Myofascial Release/ Stretch on the Mat/ Lecture on Nutrition if Time Allows

7:30am-8am          Faith & Fitness -Cardio walk

8am-8:45am          Back Strength/ Core Conditioning for golf and sports 
8:45am                   Breakfast break    

10am-11am           Essentrics® Class -Dynamic Stretching & Strengthening

11am-12:15pm     Lecture - Eat, Move & Be Healthy/Anti Aging Wellness
4:30pm-5:30pm    Essentrics® Class 

5:30pm-6pm          Dynamic Stretch/Golf Warm Up

7:30am-8am          Faith & Fitness- Cardio Walk

8am-8:30am          Pilates on the Mat/ Core Strength & Stability
10am-11am           Essentrics® Class

11am-12pm           Lecture to be determined

What To Bring

Bring your own yoga mat. Comfortable and loose clothes for classes, casual clothing, fitness attire, golf attire for persons who want to play a round of golf. Sneakers/walking shoes for early morning walks, sports bottle for water,  jacket or sweater for cool weather.

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