​​​​​​​​​​ ESSENTRICS (also known as Classical Stretch)

The Essentrics method is based on a training concept that focuses on contraction during the muscle stretching phase. This type of training aims to improve posture, tone the figure while helping to heal injuries and chronic pain. The Essentrics method includes dynamic stretching, mobility and flexibility.  The Essentrics method of exercise is suggested for persons who want to improve mobility, balance and health.

Beginner Essentrics
This Essentrics class offers a slower and gentler approach to stretching. The fluid movements similiar to tai chi and therapeutic stretching promote health and balance.

Essentrics Barre

Essentrics Barre is a class that offers a full body workout that combines strengthening and stretching through standing exercises and use of the ballet barre (or chairs). The use of the ballet bar makes it possible to add a third dimension in order to improve the flexibility and elongation of muscles.


This Essentrics class includes both standing and floor exercises, offering a full body workout to help release and invigorate all the muscles while improving mobility of the joints.