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​​​​​​​​​ ESSENTRICS® (also known as Classical Stretch)

The Essentrics® dynamic stretch workout is based on a training concept that focuses on contraction during the muscle stretching phase. This type of training aims to improve posture, increase flexibility and strength while helping to heal injuries and chronic pain. The Essentrics® method includes dynamic stretching, mobility and flexibility.  The Essentrics® method of exercise is suggested for persons who want to increase flexibility, balance, agility and strength.

Jean is a certified Essentrics® instructor and has been trained by Miranda Esmonde-White, the creator of the Essentrics®-Classical Stretch, Esmonde Technique and offers small group and private classes at Jean Marie Fitness Studio in Palm Harbor.

Watch these videos about Essentrics® to learn how you can improve your posture and look and feel 10 years younger.  

If you want to reserve a group class or take a private Essentrics® class,  call Jean at 727-698-8800!