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Essentrics™-Classes - these classes are for all ages and fitness levels.  

Classes are full body strengthening and stretching classes using your body weight

only and a mat or a chair.  Beginners are welcome, and classes are great for athletes,

golfers or anyone who is looking for a great class to stretch out tight muscles and improve

range of motion around the joints.   Bring a mat to all classes.

Senior Classical Stretch-Forever Painless- this is our slow paced class for seniors who need to

start out with slow gentle movement that is easy on the joints.

Essentrics Workshops- workshops are instructed by certified Essentrics instructor, Jean

Deferrari where you can learn all about Essentrics and how to perform the Classical Stretch-

Essentrics fitness routine safely.  Learn modifications for body type and posture and find out

how you can workout around your injuries.  

Half Hour, Private Sessions- Some persons may benefit from taking a series of private sessions first prior to joining a group class.  

A 30 minute session costs $40 or a package of 10 sessions costs $350.

Small Group Sessions- if you have a group of 2 or more persons interested in private sessions, call Jean for pricing. 

About ​Essentrics™ -Classical Stretch

The Essentrics™ workout is based on the concept of eccentric training which strengthens the muscle as it is being elongated creating a lean toned muscle

as well as a flexible and agile body.  Essentrics helps rebalance every joint and muscle of the body using a unique flow of circular and rotational movements.

ESSENTRICS™ Is For People of All Ages Who: 

  • Want to increase flexibility and overall mobility
  • Have tight hips, back and shoulders and need increased range of motion
  • Are recovering from an injury but still want to keep their body active
  • Have had past injuries and seek a safe workout
  • Are seeking a workout that will help relieve pain
  • Are interested in building bone density and improving posture (you must eat right and take food supplementation in addition to exercise to build stronger bones!!)
  • Want to improve balance
  • Are runners, cyclists, or spinners
  • Are training for a marathon, triathlon, etc.
  • Want to play better golf and improve flexibility

Benefits Include:
- Gain strength and flexibility                              -Relieve back pain
       - Invigorate your body and mind                        -Improve agility and speed
       - Relieve muscle tension                                      -Prevent injuries
       - Boost your energy and vitality                          -Improve posture
       - Lose inches overall                                             - Reduce stress and anxiety

Essentrics-Classical Stretch for Osteoporosis and Osteopenia:  If you have osteopenia or osteoporosis you want to avoid flexion exercises and forward bending. Our Senior Classical Stretch-Forever Painless classes are gentle classes for persons with chronic aches and pains, injuries, osteoporosis or osteopenia, fibromylagia, arthritis and injuries. Classes include safe and challenging exercises that do not include any forward bending or flexion of the spine.  Gentle stretching and strengthening exercises will improve flexibility, improve balance and target the bones of the spine, hips, shoulders, feet and wrists.  Chairs and ballet barres are used for assistance.  

Exercises in our Senior Classical Stretch-Forever Painless classes include:

  • Exercises for Posture & Balance Standing Up, Using a Ballet Barre For Balance As Needed or Seated in a Chair
  • Exercises for the Feet Standing Up Using a Ballet Barre for Balance As Needed or Seated
  • Leg Strengthening Exercises Standing up Using a Ballet Barre for Balance As Needed or Seated in a Chair
  • Exercises for the hands

Fitness Retreats Featuring Essentrics-Classical Stretch, Pilates, Faith & Fitness Classes, Weight Loss Classes, Nutrition Workshops & Health Talks

Our Fitness Retreats are empowering, motivating and non-intimidating weekend getaways for  women and men and include anti-aging exercise classes that are great for everyone's bodies!  Make your retreat as active or as relaxing as you'd like.  Our fitness retreat is for persons of all ages and fitness levels!   Call Jean for more information about attending a weekend retreat at the Sheraton Sand Key in Clearwater Beach.