Founded in 1996 by Jean Marie Deferrari,  Jean Marie Fitness & Pilates offers training programs that help people live younger longer and feel great!   She helps people reduce pain, fix their muscle imbalances and heal their bodies with Pilates and personal training.  Faulty movement patterns are often the cause for musculoskeletal pain and injury. Pilates can help prevent these patterns or resolve them.  Whether you are just starting an exercise program or fine tuning your body for golf or sports, we have the perfect program for you.


Jean's goal is to help individuals achieve a healthy, pain free body that moves with ease.  Your Pilates sessions are more than just an exercise program but a complete anatomy and mind-body lesson.  You will learn all about breathing and how to develop healthy movement patterns. 

Jean earned her first fitness instructor's certification in 1991 and her first personal trainer's certification in 1994.  Jean tried Pilates for the first time in 1998 and immediately felt the difference.  In 1999, she embarked in Pilates teacher training and has spent almost 20 years studying the Pilates method of exercise.  Jean is dedicated to providing the high quality Pilates training to her clients and keeps current on the latest research.  Jean's clients have seen the most benefits and relief of low back pain by understanding proper biomechanics including neutral spine.



"I hope you give my Pilates programs a try.  I will help you reach the goals you are looking for with my Pilates training and/or my personal training programs and help you restore, rebalance and heal your body.  If you have postural issues, back pain, or have been released from physical therapy and want to begin a safe, pain free exercise program call me to discuss your issues.  I will be happy to answer your questions and talk about your concerns."