Jean Marie Fitness & Pilates, founded by Jean Marie Deferrari, will help you gain the strength, stamina and vitality to meet the demands and challenges in your life.  If you're looking for increased energy, improved strength and enhanced mobility so you can live a happy, active life and feel better all day long, Pilates and Essentrics can help you reach your goals safely and help you perform optimally in all situations.  We offer exceptional, life-changing Pilates programs, personal training, Essentrics classes and Shaklee, scientifically researched nutrition programs.  

Feel great and get energized with Jean's Essentrics classes!

About Jean

My goal as a fitness and health professional is to inform people of the natural ways of improved health and disease prevention through exercise, lifestyle modifications and nutrition changes.   Our bodies are designed to age naturally and heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and osteoporosis are not natural parts of aging.

You can build a strong foundation of health and wellness by being physically active, making nutritious and healthful food choices, and filling in nutritional gaps with the appropriate dietary supplements.

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"Restore Your Body and Reverse the Aging Process With Pilates & Essentrics"


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