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Offering Essentrics, Senior Essentrics, Pilates Mat

All classes required a reservation  24 hours in advance.

Call or email us to reserve a spot in your first class. 


​10:15am-11:15am- Mondays:  Essentrics-Classical Stretch 

4 week session- September 4th-25th; October 2nd-23rd; November 6th-27th

​Cost: $44 (4 classes/1 month) ; $34 for seniors ages 62+

10 pack for $125 (6 month expiration)

1 class: $15

10:15am-11:15am- Wednesdays:  Essentrics- Classical Stretch  

4 week session- September 6th-27th; October 4th-25th; November 8th-29th

​Cost: $44 (4 classes); $34 for seniors ages 62+

10 Pack for $125 (6 month expiration)

1 class: $15

11:15am-12:15pm- Thursdays: Senior Essentrics-Classical Stretch

4 week session- September 7th-28th; October 5th-26th; November 2nd-30th (no class on Thanksgiving day)

Cost:  $44 (4 classes); $34 for seniors ages 62+

10 Pack for $125 (6 month expiration)

1 class: $15

10:15am-11:15am- Saturdays- Myofascial Release & Stretch/Essentrics-Classical Stretch

4 week session- September 9th-September 30th; October 7th-October 28th 

Cost: $44 (4 classes); $34 for seniors ages 62+

10 Pack for $125

1 class: $15

PILATES MAT- Purchase a  4 week series or pay for 1 class.

10:15am-11:15am- Fridays- Pilates Mat
4 week session-September 8th- September 29th

Cost: $44 (4 classes); $34 for seniors ages 62+: 1 class: $16


Essentrics- Total Body Stretching & Toning - is a dynamic stretching program that lengthens and strengthens every muscle in the body, resulting in greater joint mobility, long, lean muscles and improved posture.  This full-body workout draws on the flowing movements of tai chi, the strengthening theories behind ballet and the healing principles of physiotherapy.  Class includes a 35 minute whole body standing workout, followed by 25 minutes of toning and stretching on the mat.  

Limited to 8 persons

Essentrics- Total Body Stretching & Toning/ Barre or Chair- this dynamic stretching class is a full body workout and a 35 minute whole body standing workout, followed by 25 minutes of toning and stretching on the ballet barre or chair. 
Limited to 8 persons

Myofascial Release & Stretch/ Essentrics Total Body Toning & Stretching -  This class includes a 30 minutes of myofascial release using foam rollers to inhibit and release trigger points in muscles, and 30 minutes of an Essentrics dynamic stretch and toning class. Studies show that foam rolling in addition to dynamic stretching can improve power, agility, and strength when compared to dynamic stretching alone.  Foam rolling is a great tool to assist with your Essentrics class and help you become stronger and flexible. 

Limited to 8 persons.

Pilates Mat- is a class that incorporates full body strength, flexibility and coordination. Regular practice will result in better mind body awareness, improved posture, and a strengthened core.  Variations and modifications are given for all levels and abilities. This is a full-body workout, with an emphasis on toning the mid-section.​​
Limited to 6 persons.

​​Senior Essentrics™ classes - for persons 62 +, these classes are slower paced, gentle toning & stretching classes that focus on stability, balance 
and strength using your body weight only.  Classes help slow down the aging process, restore mobility and reduce pain.  Persons new to Essentrics or anyone who has osteoporosis disease, back pain, hip or knee replacements, etc. must begin with this class.
​Limited to 8 persons.

Semi-Private Group Training-   If you are looking for a class time that is not currently on our schedule, you can bring a group of 3-4 friends and pay for semi-private sessions!   You will receive individualized attention and modifications in a group of 3-4 persons.  Having an appointment keeps you motivated and on track.  When you know you are meeting your friends, you won't make excuses to skip your exercise!  Affordable option to personal training.  You can choose 30 minute or 1 hour sessions.   Programs available are Essentrics, Pilates Mat,  Pilates circuit training or Fitness circuit training.

Limited to 3-4 persons
1 hour:  $35 per person;  10 pack- $300 per person

30 min:  $25 per person; 10 pack- $200 per person