Jean Marie Fitness & Pilates  was founded in 1996 by Jean Marie Deferrari.  Jean is an exceptional fitness professional with a passionate commitment to the restorative and healing power of movement, therapeutic exercise and aging backwards fitness programs, specifically  Pilates and Essentrics.

 Jean's foremost priority is to be responsive to your needs.  She creates personal fitness training sessions and Pilates sessions specifically to meet your goals of health, fitness and well-being in a unique and individual way.  Jean refers to herself as an Anti-Aging and Lifestyle Makeover Coach because she coaches and empowers clients on how to create a lifestyle that supports a healthy weight, healthy living and pain free body.  

Call Jean today to for a free initial, 1 hour complimentary fitness consultation.

NEW!  AGING BACKWARDS FITNESS PROGRAMS!  Find out how you can reverse the aging process and look and feel 10 years younger in an Aging Backwards Workshop. 

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