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Hello and Welcome to Jean Marie Fitness & Pilates

At Jean Marie Fitness & Pilates we believe you can discover your unlimited potential through the practice of Pilates.  Pilates is for all ages and fitness levels from athletes to seniors and persons looking to transition into a fitness  and wellness program after physical therapy.  Our studio offers private personal training and group training classes.

Pilates is an exercise method that rejuvenates your body and makes you feel young again.  Pilates helps you rediscover your youthful body by realigning your posture, retraining your breath and reawakening muscles you haven't used in a while. 

Beginners and seniors love Pilates because it is a "feel good" exercise method that decompresses the spine and joints and improves strength and flexibility all in one workout!  Athletes appreciate Pilates because it helps them recover quicker, improve musculoskeletal imbalances and prevent injuries.

If you have back pain and have been released from physical therapy, call to find out how Pilates YUR Back™ sessions can help you exercise without causing pain back, and reduce back pain symptoms.  ​


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